Living in Germany?

Feeling like you’re missing out on a great opportunity?

Want to experience more of Life in Germany and learn its culture(s) and language?

I can help you with that.

You’re living in Germany, or you soon will be… and you’d like to get more out if it.

I get it. And I got you covered. I’m offering a couple of new German courses custom-made for Americans in Wiesbaden and surroundings. You’ll learn the language and the culture of your host country, and be a huge step further in 90 days.

By the way, this page was inspired by and designed for the ladies in the WGJWTHF group. You know who you are! I thank you for the encouragement and such strong interest!

Welcome to your exclusive offer! You got the link to this page, which so far is not visible to anyone else, unless they have the link.

Course info:

I’m just getting the course outline ready and the LINK to all that info, plus meeting times will appear here!

Let’s connect

Check back here as often as you like, but, if you’ve already sent me an email, then you’ll be the first to know when the course sign-up begins! Don’t forget to check your spam folder and add me to your email “whitelist“, so that you don’t miss a thing.

If you haven’t yet sent me an email, but have texted my via fb messenger, then I’ll send you the link as well, just as soon as the signup is ready. Because fb messenger isn’t always realiable, I prefer to use email.

Questions & Answers

The course will be a hybrid (to keep it pandemic-proof!), meaning it will have an online component as well as live, in-person sessions in Wiesbaden. The meeting dates and times wil be announced very soon!

The following courses will be offered. They will be organized and launched in the following order:

  • Intro to German (A1.1) – survival level, basic needs
  • Easy German (A1.2) – easy, short, basic conversation
  • German Everyday (A2.1) – topics for common everday use
  • Life in Germany (A2.2) – getting around the community, etc.
  • German Progress (B1.1) – going deeper into broader topics
  • German Accelerated (B1.2) – refining skills
  • German Proficient (B2.1) – mastering skills

There will be a course for each of these levels as some point. One beginners course and one level A2 course will start first.

Everyone can work their way up to higher level courses, which become available to them after completing the prerequisite courses (or testing into the higher level course).

It means that there is an online component as well as live, in-person lessons. All course content will be uploaded to the course platform.. LINK will appear here soon!

The online lessons will be accessible from anywhere by anyone who chooses to enroll.

The in-person lessons will take place in or near Wiesbaden. Course details can be found for each individual course in the associated course description on the course selection page (LINK will appear here soon!)

Yes, of course. You can join the online course without attending the live, in-person sessions by signing up online. The link will appear somewhere prominently on this page. The in-person meetings with be considered an add-on–meaning, you’ll pay only if you attend.

The link will appear here on this page, but…

You can pre-enroll by sending me an email

Just write that you want me to hold you a spot!


The course fee for in-person lessons depends on group size and the number of lesson units. One lesson unit = 50 minutes.

Just to give you an idea: a small group course of 4-6 would normally be 12€/lesson unit per person.

For larger groups (7-10 participants) the cost per person goes down to around 8€/lesson unit per person.

Big discounts will be of course be offered from time to time. Longer courses will be lower in price, and repeat enrollees will get 25% off their second course.

The total course fee is based on the total number of lesson units. IOW, the price per lesson unit is the same whether it’s a 1-day course or a year-long course.

Weekly courses will take place in Wiesbaden. Each course will meet at a set time once a week at a location in or near Wiesbaden disclosed to the course participants.

1-day workshops will take place at various locations near Wiesbaden or near Nidda (where I live), depending on the topic or theme of the course. Most of these workshops will be 3-4 hours long.

Weekend workshops will take place at various locations near Wiesbaden or near Nidda (where I live), depending on the topic or theme of the course. Each weekend course will take place either on just one weekend, or over a series of weekends (monthly).

Week-long intensive courses will take place at various locations near Wiesbaden or near Nidda (where I live), depending on focus.

Interested in hosting a course at your home? Send me an email! christine(at)

Although we will meet at various locations around Wiesbaden, such as cafes, museums or parks, all courses will be arranged with a host-participant.

The host participant is usually enrolled in the course. For their trouble, the host participant receives a huge discount for the course!

You’re welcome to get a brief consultation with me to find out, or…

you can take an online test (Google knows), or…

you can simply come to a workshop and test your skills live.

I’ll be able to tell you your level after a 10-minute conversation with you.

Hi, I’m Christine, and I want to help you learn German fast.

I’m a US-expat originally from Boston, have been living in Germany for 18 years, and teaching languages for just as long.

When it comes to learning German language and culture, I know the struggle! I was able to reach the C2 level in 10 years. But it wasn’t always easy! I’d like to guide you through the tougher, early stages and help you get there faster!

Want to know more about me?

What are all the weird things Germans do?

For a look behind the scenes of German family life, you’ll need to get in with some insiders. As you’ll see, they don’t think what they do is weird.

Here are just a few examples:

Food & Meals

What do Germans eat at home? While the food prices might shock you, what Germans do with food might be even more interesting.

Disposal of stuff

Not into waste? Neither are Germans. Think of trash sorting as brain fitness. At the Wertstoffhof, you’ll find bins for

Natural HealthcarE

Ever been to an Apotheke with some minor ailment and been given a simple, natural, yet amazing remedy? It’s common here.


Cosy and comfy. A top priority for very many Germans. They work hard and they play hard, but they also take their downtime very seriously!