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Christine Taylor

Christine has worked over 20 years as a nature and environmental educator and over 15 years as an English language trainer. She began developing her concept of teaching “Experiential English” in the context of nature, wildlife and environmental education back in 2014. The latest version of which is the subject of this website that you’re now reading.

About Me

Nature & Wildlife Enthusiast & Advocate, 

Conservation & Sustainability Educator,

English Language Trainer,

Archer, Paddler, Bushcrafter,

Butterfly Freak, Gardner,

Writer, Art & Music Lover, Cook,

Bird, Bug & Rock Admirer, Traveler

& Mother

Born in central Massachusetts to parents who also loved nature and practiced a lot of self-reliance, I learned to feel at home in the forest and nearby waterways and all the life these hosted. Later, I quickly adapted to city life and the tapestry of cultures of the Greater Boston area while attending university and raising my first child as a single mom. With my academic foundation in biology and pyschology with a focus on linguistics and language development, I packed up our life in pursuit of international adventures and the expat life in Germany beginning in 2004. Settling down in central Germany, near Frankfurt am Main, I live here now with my husband in a tiny rural village surrounded by forest-covered hills, where we enjoy lots of outdoor time alone and together with our kids.

Whether it has to do with nature, wildlife, sustainable living, self-reliance, traveling, food, gardening, or arts, I love to explore the great adventure that life is! 

So, come on in and have a look around!

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